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Our Thoughts

“Sheila Milburn’s dedication to professionalism and serving the residents of St. Mary’s County is well documented. Born in the county, she has been a voice in the community, a faithful member of her church and a dedicated public servant. Her tireless efforts are greatly appreciated and shows great composure, experience, and thinking as she works to achieve positive outcomes. She is a true advocate for the county and the communities she serves.”   

Kaandra McCorkle

President and CEO

Wildflowers Ministries Inc.

"My good friend and former co-worker is running for office in Southern MD. Sheila is hard working and wants to improve the community. Give her a like and if you live in her district vote her into office!"

Tara Capecci

"I wholeheartedly endorse Sheila Milburn for County Commissioner, District 1 for St. Mary’s County Commissioner. Sheila cares deeply for the citizens of St. Mary’s County and has the brains, integrity and experience to provide excellent representation as a County Commissioner. She will be a proactive leader, getting ahead of issues and problems, never making excuses when it’s too late to act. Sheila will take her responsibilities very seriously and will always put the needs and desires of the people first. Sheila Milburn will make history as the very first African American female Commissioner in St. Mary’s County. Diversity on this Board will ensure every citizen will have a representative they can relate to. Sheila Milburn has my vote. Won’t you join me?"

Julie Randall

Former President, St. Mary’s County Commissioners

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